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Dawn Welfare Foundation

DAWN Welfare Foundation is a Indian Registered Foundation under Sec 8 with Registration number CIN - U85300TG2021NPL156834 that aims to create initiatives in context of mental health illness in India and abroad.


CEO and Founding Director

Dr. Daljeet is an experienced UK-trained Consultant Psychiatrist, and having spent 16 years in the field of psychiatry, she feels strongly about creating reforms in the field of healthcare and wishes to express her skills and visions in India.

Dr. Daljeet has been awarded the ‘Woman Leadership Award’ in 2019 by Telangana Brand awards, for creating awareness about mental health, as well as her own brand. In 2020, she received the ‘Women’s excellence award’ for her outstanding contribution to society as a woman in the field of mental health. Recently, in 2021, she received the ‘Vaidya Siromani Award,’ due to her contributions as a doctor within the community in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To further serve the community, Dr Daljeet has founded DAWN welfare foundation which will offer various initiatives in relation to mental health.

Our Activities

The objectives of DAWN welfare foundation revolve around empowering
and training people with mental health issues.


Students from reputed organizations can participate and learn about DAWN welfare foundation and its activities in promoting equality for people with mental health problems.

Women Welfare

DAWN Welfare foundation will work on the empowerment of women, their rights, their health both physical and mental health.

Occupational health assessments

DAWN Welfare foundation would organise assessments for people with mental health issues and formulate a management plan for them. This will enable them to look for job placements in the community.

Skill based assessments

DAWN Welfare foundation looks at recovery of people with mental illnesses. It will help connect people to skill development courses. The foundation promotes independent living of people suffering from mental illnesses.

Development programmes

DAWN Welfare foundation will support development programmes for holistic recovery of an individual. We will offer seminars, lectures and group discussion on promotion of social recovery of an individual.


DAWN foundation will collaborate with local and international organisations to offer training to people in India and abroad. Training could be to the students, general public, institutions, corporates and health care professionals.

Volunteer services

Students and interested people will be given opportunity to volunteer with DAWN Welfare foundation.

Health camps

Free psychiatric consultations will be offered to the deprived and needy via the DAWN Welfare foundation.


Donations will be given to useful activities via DAWN Welfare foundation.

Explore Our Initaitive

Dr Daljeet had started her training initiative- for profit called DAWN healthyminds in Nov 2019.
She has now founded Recovery Hub- a non for profit initiative in Nov 2021.



Bank details

Business : Bank-ICICI BANK
Account Type : CAA
Account No : 722505000258
IFSC Code : ICIC0007225
Registration no for Tax exemption : AAICD8862EE20221

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